All types of roofs require spring maintenance to avoid leaks and damages to the roof and the building and personal property in the building. In fact, the average homeowner spends up to 4% of their home's value on repair and maintenance, including those related to the roof. You need to care about how your roof is doing after winter.

Following the 2021 Budget announcement earlier this week we thought we'd put together a mini-guide to the updates and changes affecting the property market - namely Stamp Duty and Mortgages. 

From 6th – 19th April 2020, at least 22% of the UK’s working-age population (or a whopping 9 million people) had been furloughed. During this time period, less than 1% of businesses either laid off people or ceased to trade permanently. However, the lockdown’s knock-on consequences are expected to result in even more dramatic job losses down the road. With similar projections on the horizon, you can't help but wonder how house insurance will be affected.

So it’s February and another year awaits (hopefully a better one for everyone than 2020), and for some of us it might be time to make a big change, to move house. Traditionally the busiest period (when the most properties are listed on Rightmove) is spring, with March being one of the biggest months for sales and Feb-June being the peak period. So if you are thinking of moving this year now is a good time to start getting things into place, if this seems daunting, it really isn’t, this is where a really good estate agent can make things as painless as possible and did we mention we are a gold award-winning agency? 

If you have been thinking of putting your house on the market there’s no doubt you want to get the absolute best price for it. Especially in the current climate, and guess what? A new roof could be the answer!

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