Posted: 4th July 2024

Creating a Summer Balcony Garden

Like many of us in the UK right now (great British summer…please arrive soon), we are super keen to get out and soak up the sun for as long as it lasts…! BUT…if the sun doesn’t arrive making your outside spaces nice and vibrant can help. This blog is for people living with small outdoor spaces, like a patio or balcony, and it is aimed at giving you helpful, practical advice on what to do and how to create a little but beautiful green space. 

Balconies / small spaces offer a perfect opportunity to cultivate a vibrant summer garden, and whether you are a gardening novice or a seasoned enthusiast, transforming your balcony space into a lush oasis is an easily achievable project that can give you years of reward. In this guide, we'll explore a variety of plant suggestions that are well-suited for UK summers (grey or sunny) and that are ideal for creating a flourishing summer balcony garden.

Assess Your Space

Before selecting your plants, take a moment to evaluate the specific conditions of your balcony / small space. Consider the amount of sunlight it receives, the direction it faces, and how exposed/windy it gets. Understanding these factors will help you choose plants that are best suited for your outdoor space. Every plant in garden centres have labels on them so you know where they are best suited to plant.

Plant Suggestions

1. Herbs

Herbs are a wonderful addition to any balcony garden. They not only provide a fresh and aromatic touch but also thrive in container gardens. Consider planting basil, mint, rosemary, thyme, and parsley. These herbs will grow quickly in the summer months, and provide you with lovely smells as you brush past them AND helpful additions to summer drinks/dishes.

2. Edible Flowers

Brighten up your balcony garden with the addition of edible flowers. Nasturtiums, pansies, and calendula not only add a pop of colour but are also edible, making them an attractive and versatile choice. These flowers are easy to grow and can be added to salads, desserts, and drinks, plus the bees love them.

3. Container Tomatoes

For those with a bit more space, consider adding a tomato plant or two to your balcony garden. Cherry tomatoes, in particular, are well-suited for container gardening and will reward you with an abundant harvest throughout the summer as they grow on a bush and don’t need much support. Just ensure they are in a sunny location for most of the day and get regular watering.

4. Container Peppers

Another fantastic addition to your balcony garden is peppers. Whether you prefer sweet bell peppers or spicy chili varieties, peppers are well-suited to container growth and will thrive in the UK's summer climate. With a little care and attention, you can enjoy a colourful and tasty pepper harvest as the summer progresses. These also need full sun.

5. Lavender

Bringing a touch of fragrance and beauty to your balcony, lavender is an excellent choice for UK gardeners. Known for its aromatic and therapeutic properties, lavender will thrive in the warm, sunny days of summer and offer a soothing and serene atmosphere to your outdoor space, the bees will love it and it will come back year after year.

Additional Tips

  • Be mindful of the size of your plants and their containers to ensure they fit comfortably on your balcony.
  • If you have an older balcony or aren’t sure of the weight requirements, then use lightweight resin pots as with compost added in, terracotta pots can be HEAVY (plus they need watering more often)
  • Regularly water your plants, paying attention to their individual requirements.
  • Use moisture-retaining compost or add in water gel crystals into the compost so the compost stays moist for longer
  • If you can’t fit many pots on the balcony floor, then consider trying vertical gardening or using hanging baskets or balcony railing pots  
  • If you want plants to return year after year look for Perennial plants, but other summer bedding plants are a good choice for instant flowering impact.

With the right plant selections and a bit of care and attention, you can transform your balcony and small space into a thriving summer garden that will provide a touch of green and colour for months to come, or even years to come. 

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