If you are thinking of selling your house in 2018 or are in the midst of a sale we all know it can be a challenging and stressful time so we thought we’d share our top five truths and tips from our years of experience that might be of some help and assistance and maybe help relieve concerns and/or stress! Have a read below and if you are thinking of moving then don't forget us here at Bristol Property Centre  laughing

If you own a property, rent out a property or rent a property chances are you might have a garden, or access to some outside space. As Brits we are a nation of garden lovers and green spaces and it really does make a huge difference if you look out of your windows and see some green and flowers / shrubs even in gloomy (and freezing) February.

If you own a house and are considering moving, maybe a quick few hours in the garden planting some spring plants and bulbs could make all the difference when viewings are happening.

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