At Bristol Property Centre we understand that no two lets are the same and that’s why our fees vary from property to property. When you have seen a property you would like to view please call the office to discuss fees and eligibility requirements.

Below is a description of the fees you may be charged

Tenancy set up and administration fee: The fee is to include the cost of referencing - which will be a credit check, landlord reference and employment. We may need to do extra checks to make sure your suitable but this will be discussed with you on the viewing and before you have made any financial commitment. You will pay this fee in order to take the property of the market. Our fees are £199 per person for tenancies with two or more people and 50% of the monthly rental value for single occupants. e.g. a couple moving into a two bedroom flat would pay an admin fee of £398. 

Check in fee: This fee is to meet you at the property on move in day and walk you round the property answering any final questions you may have. We will take the meter readings and inform the utility providers on your behalf (Gas, Electric, Water and Council). If the landlord has supplied us with an inventory we will go through this with you. You will pay this fee on move in day or just before. Our check in fee is £99 for a whole house/flat tenancy but only £59 if you are renting a room within a shared house. e.g. a couple moving into a two bedroom would pay £99

Below are some FAQs regarding fees

Q: Do we pay a renewal fee every time the contract is renewed?
A: NO, We do not charge tenants renewal fees if all tenants are remaining in the property with exception for student properties due to the extra work involved. For this we charge £60 per person providing that the guarantor information is the same.

Q: Do we need to pay any additional fees if we find a replacement for a house mate moving out?
A: YES, This new person will need to go through the same checks you did and for this there is a charge.

Q: We notice you charge a check in fee but do you charge a check out fee?
A: NO, We do not charge tenants check out fees. We will only provide a check out on fully managed properties and for this we do not charge.

Q: Do you charge a guarantor fee?
A: YES, If you need a guarantor we will tell you the criteria they need to meet and then you will choose your guarantor, for this we do not charge. If the guarantor you choose then goes on to fail the checks you will be charged £60 for any additional guarantor we put through the referencing process.

Q: Are the fees non refundable?
A: YES, all fees are non-refundable. When you pay a fee the property will come off the market and we will not consider any further applications if you then fail referencing or decide not to go through with the property you will lose your fee. Please note you WILL be refunded your fee if the landlord decides not to accept your application.