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When it comes to moving house, we all seem to miss easy ways to keep the costs down. Moving house doesn’t always have to be expensive. Compare My Move have compiled some useful steps to help you save money on your home removals to Bristol, as well as some tips on how to save money by using additional services.

Save Money on Home Removals

Follow these 5 simple steps to minimise moving costs when it comes to moving in Bristol.

Step 1 –  De-clutter

Have a thorough de-clutter of everything you own. Most people do this once a year, but it’s even more important to do this before your move. Decide what to donate, sell or throw away and what to take with you to your new house. Not only will de-cluttering help you to start fresh in your new property, it will reduce the cost of your move. If the removal company are packing up and moving less items, the lower your quote will be. Additionally, you’ll be able to earn cash by selling unwanted items on eBay, Depop or Gumtree.

Step 2 – Book the Cheapest Moving Day

It’s highly recommended that you book a home removals company as they’ll save you time and money. Friday is the most popular day to move house, but companies tend to put the prices up to match the high demand. According to Compare My Move’s data, Sunday proves to be the cheapest day to move house. Generally speaking, week day moves such as Tuesday are often cheaper as well. Aim to be flexible with your moving date. Once you’ve booked the removal company, ask for a price breakdown and if there’ll be any additional costs so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Step 3 – Disassemble/Reassemble Furniture Service

You could attempt to disassemble your furniture yourself to help keep the cost down. However, if you opt for the disassemble/reassemble service, then highly experienced professionals will take apart your furniture in a safe and secure way that will fully minimise any damage. This could end up saving you money if you accidently broke the furniture when you attempted to disassemble it yourself.

Step 4 – Pack Items Yourself

Most removal companies offer full packing services. Whilst this is extremely handy, if you want to minimise any costs you could consider packing your personal belongings yourself or opting for a part-packing service. This one ties in nicely with step 1 once you’ve de-cluttered. The less items you own, the less packing materials you’ll have to use. Minimise the cost further by getting cardboard boxes from your local supermarket - this is usually free. Wrap items in towels and clothes that you already own.

Step 5 – Create Easy Access to Your House

This one often catches people out, ending up with extra costs on the day. Make sure you’ve created easy access at your house for the removal van to come as close as they can. If you don’t have easy access at your current and new property, ensure you let the removal company know and work out a solution. Without easy access to your house, this will hold up the move, ultimately costing you extra for the removal company’s time.

Save Money with Additional Services

There’s essential extra costs to consider when planning your move in Bristol that we often undermine the importance of. More often than not, these services end up saving you a nice chunk of money in the long run.

  1. Chartered Surveyor – By having a property survey on your house, you will be made aware of any potential damage that could crop up in the future, essentially helping to save a big sum of money that would have been spent to fix it.
  2. Estate Agent Fees – You can sell your house without going through an estate agent, but it’s best to leave it to the professionals. You could end up losing a lot of money if you set your asking price way too low. The fees will be worth it in the long run.
  3. Mail Redirection - Redirecting your mail can prevent not only missing out on important letters such as outstanding bills, but also any chance of identity theft, saving you more than money. It’s also important you let the local authorities know about your change of address, as you’ll need to pay council tax.
  4. Change Suppliers - Just because you’re moving house, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stick with all of your current suppliers. Moving house is an opportunity to compare your energy, gas and electric suppliers and find the best plan. This could save you a lot of money instantly.


Save Money on Your Bristol Move

When you’re ready to move, follow these 5 easy steps and useful tips to help you minimise all costs when it comes to moving to Bristol.

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