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Firstly, what actually is an Ikea hack? And secondly welcome to lockdown 2.0 with this (hopefully) interesting blog on Ikea hacks / how to do some creative projects with existing or new inexpensive Ikea furniture (despite lockdown they do deliver!).

Ikea has been an integral part of our home décor for decades now, from student days right through to homeownership days and more, and no-one can deny the appeal of Ikea for furniture and our décor needs through the years. These days they seem to have mostly sorted out the “last screw missing” concept and even though you still need a rocket science masters degree to understand the instructions (or relationship counselling afterwards...) Ikea is as popular as ever for all ages and styles.

An interesting thing has been taking over Pinterest and Instagram, Ikea hacks. In short, those all too familiar randomly Swedish named small/medium bits of furniture being utterly transformed into something really unique and beautiful. People are even selling them and making quite a £ or so it appears.

With lockdown and many people on furlough once more and being in the house 24/7 you might be itching to make some décor changes, or add in some new bits and pieces of furniture but money just doesn’t allow. So, we thought as if like us you have a cupboard chock full of tester paints all in slightly different shades of grey/green / blue or feature wall crimson then this is also a fun way to use them up.

If you don’t consider yourself crafty, then use one of these designs for inspirations below – many more can be found online. It could also be a fun way to keep the kids entertained on rainy weekends, imagine being told to go ahead and paint and scribble all over the furniture?! They’ll love it!

Ivar cabinet in neon

Using Ikea’s Ivar cabinet (£65) and 4 x wooden stair spindles make funky legs and spray with neon paint from Rust-Oleum. More info here


Image credit: Rust-Oleum


Your Ikea armchair in your desired colour

Using Ikea’s Strandmon wingback armchair or this Tullsta tub chair and transform it into different colours using fabric paint in varying shades. Just apply with a roller as you would normal paint!  Instructions and more info here


 Image credit: Sugar and Cloth.com


A stylish TV / media unit

Using the Bekvam birch step stool (£25) and two Fonnes wardrobe doors (£12 each) through the middle a simple pair of steps are now acting as a bespoke media unit. This design could also be made using sheets of MDF, salvaged floorboards or scaffolding boards – providing they can safely support the items placed on top, anything goes.  See here for more info  

Image credit: Jo Henderson


Making it marble

Using Ikea’s LINNMON / LERBERG Table (£25) and some sticky-backed contact paper in marble use it to cover the top and get yourself a quality looking marble desk in under 15 mins. Why not also try it on side tables too?  


These are just some of a HUGE amount of ideas and hacks, do take a look at the sites below for more inspiration and ideas and let us know if you enjoyed hacking Ikea!


The sites we used and inspiration for these and more Ikea hacks;







0117 9073577
14 Chandos Road, Redland, Bristol, BS6 6PE

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