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If you have been thinking of putting your house on the market there’s no doubt you want to get the absolute best price for it. Especially in the current climate, and guess what? A new roof could be the answer! A new roof is a superb way to increase the value of your property in many ways. Firstly, it has the power to ramp up the selling cycle, as aesthetics go a long way. As it will be one of the first things people see when they arrive at your home. An attractive new roof will certainly make it more desirable which could allow you to drive up the asking price. However, we do understand that new roofs or replacing a roof will seem like a costly investment but studies show that it has been systematically proven to pay off.

 So if you have been pondering if a brand new roof will dramatically drive up the appraisal value you could be dead right! But first, why don’t we check out a few solid reasons why you should think on a roof replacement or a shiny new roof.

How Can I Increase My Home's Value With A New Roof?

We all know that when it comes to first impressions, we only get one shot. And these days getting that “wow” factor straight off-the-bat can make or break the decision-making process for any prospective buyer. No doubt we have heard that many home improvements can add some value to your home. A new kitchen, a loft conversion or even a new en-suite off the master bedroom. But if you want real return on investment, then a new roof is what you want. As we know roofs are one of, if not the most important integral structures to any house or home. But as we mentioned earlier, people will see it before they even step inside the front door. A new roof looks great and gives the impression of safety and security. Which, let’s be honest; is priceless in the minds of many buyers out there. Roofs protect our homes and if your roof looks bruised and battered like the last apple in the store then chances are you have turned off any buyers before they have even sat down. And if a surveyor's report catches any need for roof repairs you can guarantee any new buyer will use that to drive the price down as hard as they can. No one likes losing money and as they say you have to spend money to make money. And in this case there is no difference.

 So, let’s look at some proven methods of increasing the value of your property by adding a new roof, or better yet; looking after the one you have already.

Call A Reliable Local Roofing Contractor

Using skilled and certified tradesmen is of the utmost importance. This is not a place to skimp and cut corners by hiring the cheapest you can find. While we appreciate that we all want to save money. Think of it like this, if you pay peanuts you’re going to get monkeys.  Getting it done right the first time around will save you not only money but a lot of sleepless nights worrying that a cheap cosmetic fix will crumble away after the first bout of poor weather. Putting you right back at square one and definitely out of pocket.


Keep Your Roof Well Maintained

Not everyone can afford to replace their entire roof. So if you fall into that category then we would recommend carrying out regular basic roof maintenance to catch any possible issues before they occur. After spells of harsh winds and rain we think it’s a good idea to check for loose or broken tiles. Spotting issues like this early can prevent far more costly problems rearing their ugly heads later on down the line. Let’s be honest, the cost of replacing broken tiles is far more affordable than replacing the whole, or even part of your roof.


How Much Value Can A New Roof Add To My Home?

This is a great question! In a recent post on roof repair mistakes we advised that a new roof can bring an ROI of up to 63%. This makes a new roof a far greater investment than for example refitting or remodelling your bathroom or kitchen. However, it is important to note that not every single new roof will fetch this kind of return on investment, it will depend on the style of roof and location of the property. But it is clear that replacing your roof can add value to your property when you are looking to sell.

What Are The Benefits Of Adding A New Roof To My Home?

Although costly to replace we believe that this kind of investment easily overshadows the initial cost. A new roof improves the aesthetics and structural safety of the home and when done correctly can last for decades without the need for further roof repairs or roofing services.


Decrease energy bills and improve efficiency

Roofs in poor condition are a menace to your energy bills. Damaged roofs allow the heat to escape from your home. Which means you require more energy to keep your house warm and that hikes up your monthly energy bills. It is definitely worth checking if you need to replace the roofing insulation or mend a section of the roof. This way you are not only being greener to the environment but you will notice a drop in your gas and or electric bills. 


Increase the asking price

Typically, there will be a roof survey to inspect the quality and condition of the roof and if there is noticeable damage this can dramatically affect the price of the sale. If a new buyer is expected to carry out expensive roof maintenance or repairs it can lead to negotiations or worse, they could pull out from the sale entirely. This is another reason why replacing your roof will add value to your house.


Final thoughts on roof replacements and new roofs

 Your roof is a key component of your home; it offers protection and is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of your property. So maintaining your roof should be considered vital, not only when it comes to selling your house. Well maintained roofs prevent costly repairs from water and structural damage to both the internal and external walls. We hope this short guide has given you a better understanding when it comes to the power of a new roof. If you are considering contacting a local roofer then it’s definitely recommended to call a reputable roofer that has the right certifications. That way you know you are in the very best hands.


This guest post was submitted by Dan Maxwell of Bristol roofing contractor Clifton Roofers Ltd


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