Not all of us set out to become landlords, even though the demand for buy-to-let property is very strong at the moment. We may have inherited a property but we not need to release the capital by selling it, we may have to relocate for a couple of years as a work requirement but will be returning to Bristol at the end of that time, or if elderly it may be a case of moving in to retirement facility but letting out our old home to help play some of the costs. However, whether a seasoned landlord or a first-time landlord, the pitfalls, problems and responsibilities are still the same.

  • As property professionals, here at Bristol Property Centre it is easier for us to obtain references, financial statements and other necessary personal information required to assess a tenant’s suitability and likelihood of being a tenant you would welcome.Bristol Property Centre, flats to rent Bristol, houses to rent Bristol, property to rent Bristol
  • As a landlord, sometimes it can be difficult to remain detached and dispassionate where your tenants are concerned. This can lead to uncomfortable situations and as a landlord it can leave you in an awkward position. Putting a letting agent between you and your tenant avoids this situation completely and allows us to manage your property in an efficient and clinical manner.
  • Prospective tenants are very good at trying to get extras included and negotiate the rent downwards. As your letting agent we are able to advise you on the current state of the letting market and advise you of what you can genuinely expect to achieve if you have a flat to rent in Bristol or a house to rent in Bristol. We negotiate rents upwards, not downwards!
  • As with any business in a close community, we get to know what is going on and have a network of fellow agents whom we communicate with, especially if we are aware there is a bad tenant looking for a flat to rent in Bristol. As a private landlord you might think that a glowing reference from a tenant’s previous landlord would be reassuring, but you have to ask yourself the question as to whether a landlord who was trying to get rid of a tenant would provide a damning reference that would make it even harder for the tenant in question to move on.

As a landlord we know your aim is to find a good tenant, whether it is for a flat to rent in Bristol or a house to rent in Bristol. In addition, you are likely to have other commitments and therefore the last thing you will want is to have much of your spare time taken up managing your “property empire”. So, why not give us a call here at Bristol Property Centre and let us explain to you in more detail how having a good letting agent in Bristol can offer greater benefits than you may have at first considered.

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