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If you are thinking of moving and selling your home in 2022 we've put together this article offering our top five "truths and tips" when it comes to selling, read on for more, plus also read our guide to buying page. 

Don’t be concerned if your Estate agent seems to be less “there for you”

At the beginning of the agent-seller relationship, there will naturally be a close and frequent contact type of relation, but when the agent finds you a buyer it may seem that in some way the agent has “switched sides” with the agent having more of a relationship with your buyer. Don’t be concerned about this, this is simply what a good agent does, ensures a smooth amicable reassuring environment for all, and the more comfortable the buyer is with us then the more likely they are to place a really good offer.

Market your property a bit differently 

These days’ word of mouth and social media can be hugely effective when selling your property. Are you members of local groups, local community areas etc – most groups don’t mind a discreet post from a homeowner with a few pics as they know people are on those sites to be informed about the local area? If you live in an area with busy footfall you could even get some flyers printed yourself and have them placed in front of the house. And when it comes to viewings if you have any unusual features or have done extensive renovations why not place a folder with relevant info and pics to show the quality of the work.

Take into account the time of year 

This may seem obvious but bear with us - if you are selling in spring which is traditionally the busiest time for sales annually, keep in mind that although there are a lot of buyers out there, there are also a lot of sellers so people are more likely to put in a low offer to try their luck. They may be doing this on several properties, and it’s worth not dismissing ANY offer out of hand, instead of negotiating to see how far they will go, don’t be complacent even if you are having a flurry of offers in the first few weeks. Research has shown that the first few weeks a property is listed are the most successful with a decline in viewings and offers sharply after a few weeks. IF for whatever reason you weren’t successful it might be worthwhile taking your house off the market for a couple of months whilst you reassess your strategies. If buyers see your house listed for 4 months plus they will start to gain a negative perspective that there must be something wrong with it…

Weekly checks

Weekly check-ins with your agent and weekly check-ins with your house. Check-in with your agent to reaffirm the relationship, chat about the house, just make sure you / your house is fresh in their minds. Monitor your property on Rightmove – you can get a performance report – ask your agent; what is the traffic like, change elements if traffic is waning. And re your house keep it clean and tidy, clutter-free where possible so any spontaneous viewings can be arranged, and if you have to be in when you view a property can you relocate to the garden? Can the kids be in the garden? People like to be able to imagine themselves there and it’s hard whilst other people are around.

Trust your agent 

Don’t be alarmed, instead be overjoyed if we get a great offer and a quick sale – remember the end game in that you wanted to sell your house, don’t be tempted to switch agents unless you are really unhappy with the level of service you are getting. If you get a really quick asking price offer but are tempted by being lured away by another agent promising to get you more, ask yourself what you ultimately wanted, set your intentions and limits from the start (and agree with your partner!) and try not to be swayed by emotion too much or be pressured into anything. Remember, as stated in point 2 above the first few weeks of a house being on the market is the optimal time, be clear to yourself and your agent what you want. If time isn’t an issue then there are strategies that can be employed also to get you the very best price we can.

More reading 

Please also take a read of our guide to house buying on our website if you are looking to buy and not sure of the process, what, when, how etc and please remember we are here to offer support and advice every step of the way. We are a local, independent award-winning estate agency and unlike other agents, you deal with one person from start to finish dealing with your property transaction, and 97% of our customers would recommend us. *source allagents.co.uk

We wish you well with your house move!

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas 

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