Seliing house do's and don'ts

So it’s January and another year awaits, and for some of us it might be time to make a big change, to move house. Traditionally the busiest period (when the most properties are listed on Rightmove) is spring, with March being one of the biggest months for sales and Feb-June being the peak period. So if you are thinking of moving this year January is the time to start getting things into place, if this seems daunting, it really isn’t, this is where a really good estate agent can make things as painless as possible and did we mention we are a gold award-winning agency for three years running now? 

Here is our advice on choosing an agency; 

1. Ask around for recommendations from friends and colleagues, ask on your local Facebook group, google “award-winning estate agents Bristol” 

2. Look for For Sale and Sold signs in your local area – who has good visibility?  

3. Check industry credentials – look for logos and accreditation on the agents’ websites

4. Go undercover – pose as a buyer and see how you are received and what you are offered

5. Invite at least three agents to value your property and don’t be lured into a quick decision

6. Ask questions – the most important are; 

- What is the sole agent charge and tie-in period? (sole agency is where one agent has exclusive right to sell your house for x period) 

- What is the multi-agent charge? 

- How long has estate agent been in business and are they familiar with your area?

- How will your property be promoted? Online, print, more?

- Will the agent be there for all viewings including evenings and weekends?

7. Read the terms and conditions of the agreement – ask questions 

8. Review your agent's performance after a few weeks and ask for feedback 


Here are our top tips of things NOT to do / common errors that can reduce your chances of a successful sale; 

1. Selling your home on your own – this can be incredibly time consuming and end up costing you more if you don’t know where to start / what to do. 

2. Choosing the wrong estate agent – Not doing research when choosing a good agent can lead to issues down the line, don’t always go for lowest rates, again it may cost you more. 

3. Being realistic re sales price – A good agent will advise on price if you want a quick sale or are prepared to wait for right buyer. 

4. Making your house “ready” for a sale – try to look at your house impartially, a bit of decluttering and tidying or even a bit of painting can make the world of difference in some cases. 

5. Don’t put off fixing “red flags” – If your house has any obvious maintenance issues, the cost of repairing them before the sale in most cases is well worth it to counteract the negative impact it may have on most buyers. 

6. If you have pets consider a carpet clean - It’s a relatively cheap thing to do but whilst you don’t maybe notice “eau de dog” any longer other buyers will, plus your carpets will look almost brand new afterwards

7. Not using modern methods to assist sale – You can help your agent get the word out by using local social media groups to tell people about your property being for sale, also mentioning to friends and colleagues, be proactive yourself. 

8. Reading everything thoroughly – Read the fine print, ask questions, as many as you want, it’s one of the biggest transactions you will do in your life, be sure what you are signing and clear on what it covers. 


All being well, with a bit of thought and preparation your property sale will go smoothly and in a few months’ time you will happily ensconced in your fabulous new home. We would be delighted to help get you there!

Selling house do's and don'ts